Engineer Teams collaborate with ease with Microsoft Teams

It’s Teams Tuesday once again.  Today, let’s check out how an engineering team can quickly set up Microsoft Teams to complete projects and communicate with ease.

Engineers move quickly between ideation, development and deployment of a concept when delivering new features. Teams is integrated with developer tools, enabling continuous discussion across a distributed team to keep projects on track during sprints,
as well as ongoing bug resolution.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a new team for your engineering group and add key stakeholders across the company.
  2. Add channels for General, Feature Releases, Testing, Feedback, Competitive Information, Go-to-Market, Research and Product Analytics to organize and discuss these topics.
  3. Upload relevant team files to the channels so everyone can easily find the latest versions.
  4. Add tabs for quick visibility to apps and services your team uses, like Planner and PowerBI.
  5. Add tabs and connectors for developer tools like VSTS, JIRA, BitBucket, GitHub and more to view and triage issues and pull requests.
  6. Schedule and hold regular or stand-up meetings in Teams with key stakeholders.

An engineering team can get more work done with a tool that keeps everything in one place and allows you to link to what is needed.  Microsoft Teams a central hub for work.



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