SharePoint for Intranet – 6 Reasons Why your Intranet can Improve Organization Efficiency

You know the benefits of an intranet.

You know that they are an indispensable business tool

You know the huge benefits that they can bring to an organisation.

But in case you forgot, I have but together some reasons why an Intranet on Office 365 SharePoint Online will help any organiaton succeed faster.

Central document management (Searchability)

We all know the frustration of looking for a document on the server to find that it has been deleted by someone who left the company two months ago. It stands to reason that the easier it is to find information, the more efficiently your employees will be able to work.

It’s not rocket science.

When a team can easily locate customer information in moments, or the correct slides to use in that big presentation, there will be a huge reduction in wasted hours. And the old adage that time is money has never been truer.

Go paper free

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

It all sounds so simple – yet we know office life doesn’t work like that. Meeting minutes get inadvertently recycled.  Diaries go walkabout. And the horror when anyone who leaves papers on their desk when the over-zealous cleaners are due in.

An intranet provides a central filing system which keeps everything in one easy to access hub, making it easy for staff to access documents when they need them.

When almost all pf your paper based processes can be eliminated, there’s also the benefits of the reduction in paper waste, printing costs and clunky filing cabinets. For those companies who are keen to reduce their carbon footprint, there’s the added benefit of the reduced reliance on photocopiers which will reduce your company’s ecological footprint.

Increase staff engagement

An engaged team is a happy team. A huge benefit of having an intranet is that it offers a sense of belonging amongst staff. A key issue for many employees is the lack of communication within their organisation. An intranet connects employees and provides collaboration tools including:

News Center– read all about it! No one likes to be kept in the dark. The news Center is a powerful tool for internal communications to make sure everyone is in the loop with big company news

Blog – from charity events to industry insights, a blog is an excellent way to engage staff, company wide.

Training & events– knowledge is power, and this feature lets staff see up and coming training opportunities, with space for an introductory video, overview and related documents.

This is particularly useful for multi-site organizations, to keep the entire company right up to date with what is going on. And let’s face it – everyone wants to be one of the gang.

Keep things moving in holiday periods

Nothing gets done in July and August, right? People are away, no one can find anything, and so the team may as well chill out for a few months.


With everything nicely stored in one place, there are no excuses. We have already looked at central document management – and this can increase to workflows and time sheets. The team simply pick up where their colleague left off – no excuses.

And while we are on the subject – holidays forms and calendars can be made accessible for all to reduce bouncing back and forth.

Audits & data management

Reports and data management are a necessary evil in most companies, and an intranet provides an option for them to be better managed. Administrators can instigate user permissions to protect sensitive data and reporting automation sends updated daily, weekly, or monthly reports for analysis.

With companies being subject of regular audits, easily accessible data will help support the process an intranet allows for a smoother process requiring with less staff spending time and effort finding and preparing documentation.

Automated business processes

Getting a sick note signed. Authorising an advertising campaign. Requesting a shift change. These are all things that take both time and effort. With the power of the Office356, we have the ability to build workflows where steps are put in place to enable sign offs on documents, passing data and information where sign off steps are required. Think how easy it would be to obtain a sign off without actually having to go and find the relevant managers!

So, now you know the top six benefits of implementing an intranet at your business. What are you waiting for? Contact us for an Intranet Envisioning workshop.  

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