PowerApps – How to hide and Icon based on a SharePoint list.

PowerApps is the preferred method to creating and modifying forms in SharePoint Online.   Replacing other third party form builders in SharePoint.  It also replaced InfoPath forms.  Over the past few years I have been working with PowerApps to help customers solve data input problems and making some pretty cool forms in the process.

These Blog Posts will be about a specific problem that I have come across and how it can be fixed.


You need to hide an element on your canvas based on a column choice. 


Use the If Statement on the visible property you want to hide.

If(DataCardValue1.Selected.Value = “Waiting Approval”,true,false)


While creating a SharePoint list I needed a way to hide the edit button when the status of the item was set a certain value.  To do this you go to the icon or other element on the canvas you want to hide.

On the Visible property, add in the formula above, making sure you change to the right data card value and that the value is something that can be searched for.

Next time that condition is met, the icon or item will be hidden.

Here are some other scenarios that I have used this method for.

  1. Add a check box and show instructions when it is checked.
  2. If a drop down has an other and another column need to be shown.
  3. If you want to have two forms on the same canvas, have a drop down that will switch them. If you have more than three, you will need to do a nested If Formula.

Click to www.bradrholt.com if you need some PowerApp help.  Brad Holt is a Microsoft IT Consultant specializing in Office 365, Azure, and Mobility & Security. Working to help users get more value from Microsoft services.


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