Engineer Teams collaborate with ease with Microsoft Teams

It’s Teams Tuesday once again.  Today, let’s check out how an engineering team can quickly set up Microsoft Teams to complete projects and communicate with ease.

Engineers move quickly between ideation, development and deployment of a concept when delivering new features. Teams is integrated with developer tools, enabling continuous discussion across a distributed team to keep projects on track during sprints,
as well as ongoing bug resolution.

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Critial IT Departments use Microsoft Teams to Help Drive Digital Transformation

Teams provides IT professionals with a single hub to plan, execute, and manage all phases of infrastructure deployments and rollouts—a useful tool to help drive transformation and change management across the organization.

  1. Create a new team and add members from IT and other stakeholders from across the company.
  2. Add channels for Service Strategy, Problem, Incident and Change, Deployment, Health and Reporting, Readiness and Adoption, Support and Management and Governance.
  3. Upload important files or logs to the channels.
  4. Pin relevant apps used by your team, such as Word, Excel or Planner.
  5. Set up connectors, such as bots for process automation.
  6. Schedule and hold recurring or impromptu meetings with key stakeholders from within Teams.

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Radicle Sales Teams use Microsoft Teams

Teams can help sales teams quickly build proposals with input from different stakeholders, while making it easier to manage longer term projects and programs, such as planning, training and sales readiness. Collaboration, reporting, and knowledge

sharing can happen in one place, helping sales professionals everywhere—in the home office and the field—work together to meet sales objectives.

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Marketing Departments – Utilize Microsoft Teams – Find Out How Here

Marketing teams need to create, collaborate and show results while working with a diverse group of people from both inside and outside the company. Why not do it all in one place? Teams provides a shared workspace for all conversations, files, and third-party services. Now it’s easier to manage marketing campaigns and social channels, collaborate on content creation, and plan events. Continue reading “Marketing Departments – Utilize Microsoft Teams – Find Out How Here”

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