Adding Custom Branding to SharePoint Online and Office 365

Microsoft-Recommended Strategies

Avoid custom master pages

Microsoft maintains control of a set of master pages, allowing them to regularly update Office 365’s ‘evergreen’ platform with new functionality. So, when you apply a custom master page to your site, even if it is an exact copy of an OOTB master page, your new master-page version will grow increasingly out of date. This popular graphic borrowed from a conference presentation explains it. Continue reading “Adding Custom Branding to SharePoint Online and Office 365”

SharePoint Online – Supported Customization for “modern” pages

The number of customizations available for “modern” pages keeps on growing, and in this article, we’ll provide details and examples of the supported options. The SharePoint team is working to support more options in the future.

The following list gives a quick overview of the supported capabilities for “modern” pages: Continue reading “SharePoint Online – Supported Customization for “modern” pages”

Eight Solutions for Working with SharePoint Online and One Drive for Business Documents

One of the most common workday challenges is organizing OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online documents and sites. Here are some ways you can organize documents and sites in OneDrive for Business.

Brad Holt is a SharePoint Online Consultant and has helped 100’s of clients to work smarter with SharePoint Online.

Microsoft New SharePoint Migration Tool Specs

If you are thinking about migrating A SharePoint environment with the new Microsfot Migration Tool, you likely have questions about this new release.

  • Which items does the tool support?
  • What are its limitations?
  • Can you perform a bulk migration?
  • Does it come with additional support?

Check out the chart below to see – at a glance – what the Migration Tool can and cannot do. Then, you can set a date for your migration, put the right resources in place, and start to reap the benefits of the cloud. (As of 4/2018)

Continue reading “Microsoft New SharePoint Migration Tool Specs”

How You Can Help Save Your Company $1 Million Dollars

Traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) impacts productivity on a global scale.  I just finished working with a company that had little and very ineffective Content Management Strategy.  They were just coming out of the File Share Era.  To help them save over $1 million dollars in lost time and prodcutivity. We identified three scenarios where we trained users on the Content Services Lifecycle from AIIM and used Microsoft applications and services to help in the content cration process.

Continue reading “How You Can Help Save Your Company $1 Million Dollars”

7 Good Reasons for SharePoint Permission Inheritance

Most SharePoint websites are created speedily, with the aim of solving a particular problem or getting a specific set of information to people who need it quickly.

That’s good, but the structure of the site that you start with often becomes the default structure as your site collection grows and is required to meet other kinds of needs. This growth can result in permissions-settings chaos, where everyone in the organization has full control over subsites or every individual requires new permissions for every new site they need to use.

Continue reading “7 Good Reasons for SharePoint Permission Inheritance”

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