Microsoft 365 Enhanced Cyber Security is Right for All Sized Businesses.

Protect your employees from phishing and ransomware

Cyber criminals use phishing and ransomware attacks to get people to download viruses and malware or unwittingly give out sensitive information. These attacks can cause significant issues for a business, ranging from loss of customer trust to financial woes.

To help bolster your defenses against phishing, malware, and viruses, Microsoft 365 Business now includes advanced protection from cyberthreats, including: Continue reading “Microsoft 365 Enhanced Cyber Security is Right for All Sized Businesses.”

Radicle Sales Teams use Microsoft Teams

Teams can help sales teams quickly build proposals with input from different stakeholders, while making it easier to manage longer term projects and programs, such as planning, training and sales readiness. Collaboration, reporting, and knowledge

sharing can happen in one place, helping sales professionals everywhere—in the home office and the field—work together to meet sales objectives.

Here is how . . .  Continue reading “Radicle Sales Teams use Microsoft Teams”

Microsoft New SharePoint Migration Tool Specs

If you are thinking about migrating A SharePoint environment with the new Microsfot Migration Tool, you likely have questions about this new release.

  • Which items does the tool support?
  • What are its limitations?
  • Can you perform a bulk migration?
  • Does it come with additional support?

Check out the chart below to see – at a glance – what the Migration Tool can and cannot do. Then, you can set a date for your migration, put the right resources in place, and start to reap the benefits of the cloud. (As of 4/2018)

Continue reading “Microsoft New SharePoint Migration Tool Specs”

Marketing Departments – Utilize Microsoft Teams – Find Out How Here

Marketing teams need to create, collaborate and show results while working with a diverse group of people from both inside and outside the company. Why not do it all in one place? Teams provides a shared workspace for all conversations, files, and third-party services. Now it’s easier to manage marketing campaigns and social channels, collaborate on content creation, and plan events. Continue reading “Marketing Departments – Utilize Microsoft Teams – Find Out How Here”

What is Azure AD Privileged Identity Management?

When organizations want to minimize the number of people who have access to secure information or resources, because that reduces the chance of a malicious user getting that access, or an authorized user inadvertently impacting a sensitive resource. However, users still need to carry out privileged operations in Azure AD, Azure, Office 365, or SaaS apps. Organizations can give users privileged access to Azure resources like Subscriptions, and Azure AD. There is a need for oversight for what those users are doing with their admin privileges. Azure AD Privileged Identity Management helps to mitigate the risk of excessive, unnecessary or misused access rights. Continue reading “What is Azure AD Privileged Identity Management?”

Six Updates from the Power BI Team at Microsoft


March turned out to be another exciting and busy month for Power BI. The Microsoft BI team rolled out some highly anticipated features in the service and continued to make progress with many more that are set to release soon. Here is last months updates:

Continue reading “Six Updates from the Power BI Team at Microsoft”

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